Milk Chocolate Bar - CARDETO

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The peaks - five different flavors closely related to Pratomagno, are the five tasting altitudes before reaching the highest peak, similar to the journey of the Maestro’s chocolate. Through a profound and challenging path, Michele produces the most refined taste in his chocolate. Everything stems from the love Maestro Mezzasoma has for his mountains, that he lives and climbs with the same passion with which he prepares his creations.

DICHIARAZIONE NUTRIZIONALE / NUTRITION DECLARATION Per / for 100 g Energia / Energy - kj/kcal 2499/600; Grassi / Fat 43.6g di cui/of which: Acidi grassi Saturi / Satures 25.2g; Acidi grassi Monoinsaturi / monounsaturates 18.4g; Carboidrati / Carbohydrates 40.8g Di cui/of which: Zuccheri / Sugar 21.08g; Fibre /Fibre 7.2g; Proteine / Proteins 11.3g; Sale / Salt 0g

Dark milk chocolate (cocoa 40% min.) Ingredients: milk chocolate * (cane sugar *, whole milk in powder *, cocoa butter *, pasta of cocoa *, emulsifier: lecithin of soy, vanilla extract *). * from organic farming Produced in the laboratory makes use of flour, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, dairy products, eggs, proteins of milk, soy lecithin.